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 The Dictionary to read this Web.

This page has been made for mainly American
guys who can not read some political word(s).


In`ter*pel*la"tion (?), n. [L. interpellatio: cf. F. interpellation.]

1. The act of interpelling or interrupting; interruption. Continual interpellations." Bp. Hall.

2. The act of interposing or interceding; intercession.

Accepted by his interpellation and intercession. Jer. Taylor.

3. An act of interpellating, or of demanding of an officer an explanation of his action; imperative or peremptory questioning; a point raised in a debate.

4. A official summons or citation. Ayliffe.



kyodo.gif (537 ???)(Japanese character)

[Japanese] Not exact correct Japanese. But Mayor used
then we have to put on this (because this is record).
Maybe He wants to say "cooperation to work" at here.


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